Future Ethnic Comparative Research

Future Ethnic Comparative Research LAB at VIRB

Electronic Music Concept by Sigmoon:
The Future Ethnic Comparative Research is based on two key words : transfer and mutation. When i discovered the RIYAZ MASTER, an electronic tabla drum machine made in India, I realised that it was transfering the ancestral ethnic sources and traditional knowledges related to the tabla to an analogical electronic machine which it could reproduce all taals of indian folk music tradition . It is a step to confront the technology and the ethnic music knowledge.

That transfer gave a way to look forward and figure out with a music album serie : The Future Ethnic Comparative Music Research, which RIYAZ MASTER electronica compilation is the first one released.
Produced by Future Ethnic Comparative Research videoart&electronic music LAB (, Sigmoon , India) and licensed to Thisco (Portugal)

This compilation is more determined by the RIYAZ MASTER sound used and transformed aswell by 13 electronic sound composers* (to whom I gave some RIYAZ samplers to experiment the 16 complex rythmic patterns and 3 sounds of this low technological exotic machine) than the mathematics of the taals :"it gives a very unusual modulation atmosphere out of context and a different view to approach the ethnics sources ".
* (servovalve, black sifichi, mimetic & data senses, DEF, negative stencil vs sylvatica, negative stencil vs safatly, wild shores, Dr. dilip & rico bass, tno, c-drik, sigmoon, emgine, supermatik).

As we step on this new century, the ethnic folks musicology needs to explore different ways to interpret all this huge knowledge of the past heritage.
I think that the approach of the electronic music to the ethnic folk music has not to be necessarily based on basic sampling to "spice" the music composition .
This is an hybrid world music concept: it is not exploring the music of the world, but exploring the music machines of the world...
>>>>With the special colaboration for the spoken words of Kenji Siratori, japanese cyberpunk writer.

NOTE: the second part of Future Comparative Ethnic Research will focus on Balinese Gamelan serial scale and sounds from Indonesia.



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